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Prince of Wolves  - Quinn Loftis I really liked this book. It was interesting enough for me to finish within a couple of days, though it still has its ups and downs. First off, Jen and Sally. They were absolutely hilarious with their sarcastic attitudes. Although sometimes I just wanted to cut them to get them to shut up. It seems they could not be anything else BUT sarcastic and rude. Another thing: the book was badly edited. Some things could have been easily spotted and corrected but weren't and that annoyed me. Last thing, I wish we could have gotten some background info on Fane. All we know about him is what he was like after he met Jacque. Which is possessive and obsessed with her.

Other than that the book was awesome! The pace was perfect and I loved the new take on Werewolves. The tattoo's indicating if they're dominant, mated, an Alpha or not, etc. I loved how much Jen, Sally, and Jacque all cared for each other. I also loved Fane's love for Jacque, even though it was because they were mates.

One more thing: How random was Lucas? Just out of the blue he tries to claim Jacque (who doesn't even know him) and I'm all like, "Dude? What the heck man? Where did you even come from and how do you even know Jacque?" That was never explained. Maybe it will be later on in the series, who knows? I don't. I do plan on reading the second book, Blood Rites I believe it's called. Maybe that one will go better than the first. Though this book was decent and I got it free for my Kindle so that was a big plus considering it was well worth the read.