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Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer Real rating, two and a half stars.
*****SPOILERS******First off I'm going to say I had high expectations for this book. I loved the first installment of the series (Nightshade) and I couldn't wait to read the second. I loved all the new characters Wolfsbane introduced, especially Connor who brightened my day every time a read a line of his. You really got to know Calla in non-alpha mode, which really gave me a new perspective of her (in a good way). I read this book in a couple of days, which is a sign I liked it, but I really don't know what I liked about it. The plot was boring, and when I finished the book I tried to remember what happened throughout the novel, but all I got was this: Calla at the academy, Calla at Purgatory, Calla rescuing her pack, then Calla back at the academy. The only twist that really happened was Ren siding with the Keepers (but they still had to go back and rescue him at the end of the novel), and Monroe being Ren's father. There was also Ansel being un-Gaurdianed or whatever, but I figured something like that would happen. Here's a question for everyone, is anyone else getting tired of these love-triangles? A love triangle does make the story more interesting, but Ren was barely in the novel, so Calla could have had all the lovey-dovey moments with Shay. Though every time something would happen between Calla and Shay, Calla thought of Ren, which would piss me off if I was Shay. And really, this is all I have to say about this novel.