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Hollowland (The Hollows, #1) - Amanda Hocking This book was alright. I honestly did like it but the book also bothered me.
There was a lot of misspellings that should not have been misspelled, they could be easily spotted when editing the book. Why they weren't fixed, I don't know. And the protagonist, Remy King, seemed to me to have no flaws. All characters have some sort of flaws. She just whipped around a pipe, or used her bare hands to kill zombies. Or maybe I'm wrong? Maybe her flaw was her little brother? All whole novel was her trying to save him. Honestly I didn't care much for her brother. He wasn't actually in the novel until the very end, so when Remy finally reached him I was like "ehhh, whatever."
One last thing: was it just me, or does it seem like Blue wasn't really "in" the novel unless he could somehow help somebody? Honestly, when him and Lazlo first appeared, I thought Blue and Remy were going to be lovers, not Lazlo! So it was disappointing to me when he really didn't have an important enough role.