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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa I've got to say I was slightly disappointed with the Eternity Cure. I feel as though it didn't carry the same feeling of awesome as the Immortal Rules did. The plot was a little too fast-past, leaving me with headaches due to taking in much information at once. And I did not enjoy the romance between Allie and Zeke. Well, maybe I did. But only a little. I hated how every time they were together, Allie had the same thoughts over, and over, and over. All about her wanting to drink his blood yada yada. I was still happy Zeke was in the novel; it was quite a pleasant surprise. However, I'd prefer Zeke to stay away only because HE TOOK AWAY ALLIE'S KICK-ASS PERSONALITY! It was still there, but when Allie was around Zeke, it seemed to melt away.
Other than those comments, the book was well-written. I have come to terms with one of my new favorite characters: Jackal. Yes, Jackal was a villain in the first book. And in the second he still is...sort of. I liked him so much for his humor. Almost every highlight on my kindle for this book is something Jackal said. Oh, Kanin was there, too. He was pretty kick-ass as well. Kanin never fails to disappoint, and honestly I'm glad he's okay.
Beside my slight disappointment, I really enjoyed this book and am excited for the next installment. Especially because of the minor cliff-hanger at the end.